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Friday, September 30, 2011

Home Addition, Take Two

The Turner family came to us with a beautiful house that needed to function better.

The home had an existing addition off the back that housed a master bedroom, tiny master bath, and a strangely long and narrow closet. The space was not optimized and the appearance from the backyard was lacking.

The Turners wanted a new addition that would accommodate a larger bedroom, bath and closet. In addition to this interior work, they wanted to improve the appearance of the back of the property with a beautiful outdoor space that they could use for family time and entertaining.

We worked with the couple to design and build a master addition and outdoor area that met their needs. The project, of course, had its challenges. We took care to ensure that the new addition melded with the old. We were able to tie in everything nicely with the roof lines so as not to detract from the integrity of the home’s original structure. We were also able to deliver more square footage for the master bath while keeping the look from the back of the house symmetrical.

The result is a home that better reflects the Turners and how they live. The master bedroom is larger and includes a sitting area. The luxurious master bath is built for two, and there is plenty of closet space. Outside, where there was once a tired deck, there is now a large living area (truly an outdoor living room), an outdoor kitchen perfect for entertaining and a beautiful stone patio complete with built-in stone planters.

It’s what every addition should be - increased square footage that enhances the beauty and functionality of a home while looking like it has been there all along.

View from the Backyard - Before and After; Outdoor Spaces