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Friday, August 26, 2011

Classic’s Small Projects and Repairs Team

Rotten siding, a leaky shower, flaking exterior trim – not exactly what springs to mind when you think of Classic and “Dreams You Can Live In.” These small projects, however, are part of a home’s upkeep and an area where Classic excels. And while we call these jobs “small” we do not mean they are unimportant. We see these projects as opportunities to improve the appearance and functionality of your home - so important, in fact, that we have created a Small Projects and Repairs Team which specializes in these types of jobs.

Managing the Small Projects and Repairs Team is Jason Wagner, who has been with Classic for 11 years and in the construction business for over 20. Jason began working construction in high school, helping his uncles with framing and masonry during the summers. Jason continued in the field after college, working in several disciplines and starting his own construction business in Pittsburgh before deciding to move south.

Jason started at Classic as an in-house painter and dry wall installer, quickly moved on to running his own kitchen and bath jobs, and eventually found himself running large-scale remodels and additions.

Now he is bringing all of this experience to Classic’s Small Projects and Repairs Team. Covering everything from siding and painting to replacing fixtures in a bath, the Team is dedicated to helping home owners with upkeep and sprucing up.

The Process
One of the goals of the Small Projects and Repairs Team is to make the whole process as easy as possible for the homeowner, from the initial meeting through completion. Jason explains the process:

When a prospective client calls we schedule an initial meeting so I can come out to the house and see the job. I bring everything I might need to this meeting and am prepared to do a thorough investigation. Some guys will come to the house, take a quick look and provide an estimate based on limited information only to have to come back, survey further and amend the estimate once the original bid has been accepted.

I’ll go up on the roof, into the crawl space, whatever is necessary to give the homeowner a complete estimate with minimal interruption. Many times I can provide the estimate right then or email the homeowner shortly after to expedite the process. I’ll follow up with a phone call to walk the client through the pricing to make sure they understand everything and to answer any questions.

Then we’ll set a schedule and get to work. When people are doing these types of jobs they want to get it started and get it done! We strive to get the job done quickly and to minimize our impact on our clients’ lives. For example, we order all of the materials needed for the job before getting started – no one wants their house torn up with no progress being made, waiting for deliveries.

We keep everything on schedule and on budget and we don’t leave a job site until our client is happy. No job is ‘done’ until it is completed to our client’s satisfaction and to Classic’s own high standards.

The Difference
We realize that many of these jobs are expenses that people don’t see coming and are issues that aren’t much fun to deal with. Keeping that in mind, we provide an experience that helps put clients at ease. Says Jason,

We do not simply put a band-aid on the problem, quoting the lowest possible price just to get the job. With this approach you get a quick, cheap fix, but you’re stuck dealing with the same issue over and over. We find the cause, and when we fix a problem you don’t have to worry about it again. Anybody can throw on a band-aid. What Classic gives you is a thorough understanding of what is happening and a complete solution.

It is extremely important to us that the client knows what is happening with their project every step of the way. Each job has a dedicated project manager who remains on site for the duration of the job and I stay involved throughout the process. We have learned that different clients like to communicate in different ways, so we make updates available in person, over the phone and in writing.

Classic’s reputation for quality and service extends to small projects and repairs, as does our warranty – 8 years on structural work, 5 years on systems and 2 years on finishes. These are practically unheard of in our industry (many businesses provide 1 year on each), but we’re proud to stand by our work. There’s a saying in the shop, ‘There are industry standards and then there are Classic standards’ – we set the bar pretty high around here.

While these types of jobs might be more necessity than the stuff dreams are made of, with Jason and our Small Projects and Repairs Team at least you can rest easy knowing they have been done well.

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